Interment by Catherine Russell

Listen to Catherine read her flash Interment from week #24 – Tombstones.  
Agatha’s tiny grave fit her perfectly. The pink box protected the contents of her body from the assault of elements and scavenging animals. Birds would not peck her innards to line nests, crows would not steal her bright button eyes, and her cotton skin would not degrade from rain and snow. The family, clad in mourning, assembled in the backyard to witness the somber event of Agatha’s interment. Molly’s little brother sniggered but quickly hushed with a look from his mother. The girl recited a short prayer and placed Agatha in a Hello Kitty shoe-box, then lowered it into the hole. She threw daisies over the top before using her plastic beach shovel to cover the cardboard coffin. The deed done, everyone left except for one small mourner.Molly planted a white cross on the grave and prayed again, hoping the funeral would be enough to put Agatha’s spirit to rest. Without a priest, she didn’t know if the doll would find her way out again. The girl shivered.

She knew she shouldn’t have used the doll to play tug of war with the puppy. If she did come back, Agatha would never forgive her.
From the back window, the puppy watched them bury her newest treat. She wondered if it was a bone.

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~ by 52250challenge on December 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Interment by Catherine Russell”

  1. Now there’s a shivery ending! Dolls are scary things, for sure, and you set the spooky scene with abundant dread. Enjoyed your reading a great deal.

  2. Loved this the first time around, and still gives me the shivers. Especially as you tell it — brilliant! Peace…

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